I am a visual artist and designer who believes that art has the power to communicate, heal, awaken, and bring people together. My work is driven by my passion for creativity and the things that inspire me, whether it is a beautiful bloom, a snowscape, or an interesting shadow falling on a face. These things speak to me on a deeper level than anything else can.
 I love to create across many genres ranging from simple sketches, formal portraits, and vibrant collages, full-body paintings for live art exhibits, to stylizing a person or an entire room in preparation for an event.
I have a passion for philanthropy and donate pieces of my artwork, or a portion of my proceeds, to various charitable causes of both local and international charities. I also feel strongly about keeping the earth clean and I recently began using recycled and repurposed objects and materials in my artwork in an effort to prevent them from entering the already overflowing landfills. I look forward to the challenge of bringing my (and your) creative visions to life. ​​​​​​​
Please contact me (form below) to talk about commissioning an original work of art, ask a question, or leave feedback.
Thank you!
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